This real blood river array is better than the blood river dreamland displayed by the single blood eye flag. I don’t know how many years have passed. Over the years, the two brothers of Buddhism and Taoism have suffered the most losses in the magic road war.

This is not to say that the array of blood river in the magic way respects the fact that there are powerful arrays in the magic way that are thousands of times stronger than the array of blood river, and there is no lack of them. However, all the arrays of blood river have such achievements because only the array of blood river can be refined without the array mage.
The array mage is rare, and it is well known that the array is precious and powerful! In this case, the blood river array, which can be obtained in a relatively easy way, is naturally welcomed by the heavenly brothers, so it is necessary for them to walk in the sky unless they have something better.
This python demon is neither the monster, the monster, nor the big brother of the magic road, nor the unique inheritance of its own race. It is an ordinary demon who has gained spiritual wisdom through mutation and cultivated into a refined demon, which is why it is doomed that he can’t get enough practice resources through formal channels. Fortunately, he was born near this baby-forbidden place, and he relied on constant looting to get enough practice resources.
At the beginning, he robbed in an ordinary way, perhaps because of luck, which made it all successful. That’s why he has cultivated these equipment now. However, in recent years, after several strangulation, Jingbi almost died, and he felt that it was very difficult for him to repair it in this way, so he thought of deception.
He has been robbed in the forbidden baby area for over a hundred years, and he has known a lot for a long time. Therefore, he easily found a human monk with the same mind who plundered by cunning. They also specially collected a large number of lingshi and bought a treasure-level leapfrog Lingwei brand from the underground black market.
This kind of leapfrog prestige card doesn’t help him in battle. One of its functions is that it can bully himself to a higher level. If the Godsworn holds this card in the construction period, he can blossom the power of the alchemist. If it is then a real person who holds this card, it can bloom with the power of Yuan Ying Zhen Jun Ying.
No matter how high it is, it can’t be simulated by this jewel-level leapfrog Lingwei brand. It needs a real magic weapon, but it takes years, decades and hundreds of years of careful sacrifice and practice to achieve this kind of thing except fortune telling. How many people are willing to spend kung fu on this side? The magic weapon level leapfrog Lingwei brand can be said to be rarer than the fighting Lingbao, and its high value is far from what they can peek at at at this level, but this level is enough for them. After all, their targets are all those brothers who built the foundation.
The gap between Zhu Jidi and then the real person is huge, even if it is false. Brother Zhu Jidi dare not be disrespectful in the face of an then real person, except, of course, those who have unique talents and special instruments.
It is precisely because of this that the previous frauds made it easy for them to capture a large amount of money with a certain amount of magic. Later, although there were several fights, it was easy to slay those people in their sudden attack, and there was no mistake.
It is precisely because of this that the predatory team dominates the greedy nature of the python demon body that it will be stabbed more and more vigorously. At most, they dare to find those three or five teams, because only by controlling the number at this level can the two of them be absolutely sure to slay them, but now the confidence of the python demon is greatly increased, and the goal is directly to have a team of nine preconditions.
Even if the original python demon suddenly attacked these people in some accidents, it was inevitable that he would kill them, but as the saying goes, many mountains will eventually meet tigers! This time, he met an iron plate because Wei Ji is a master of refining.
Being a master of refining, Wei Ji is absolutely outstanding in studying the multiplier. Although he can’t say that he knows all about the celestial multiplier, there is also a Lingwei brand that is close to each other. Although he doesn’t know how to refine this multiplier himself, he has seen a lot about its introduction, and there are also some signs of its effect.
Although Wei Ji didn’t notice the inherent majesty of the real person, when the black man showed signs of greed, the breath changed at that moment, but Wei Ji got a glimpse of the signs of leapfrog prestige and found the real strength of the black man.
Like David Yan, no matter how humble he is on weekdays, he is still a proud man in his bones. He also thinks that he has been fooled because he didn’t realize it before. At that moment, David didn’t hesitate to make a move.
And at the same time, he woke up and told Lin Zhao to guard against the boa constrictor because he firmly believed that even in the monk world, he would never dare to cheat. The monk was too powerful than himself. Because of that, the danger was too great. Even though his team was very powerful, Weiji believed that the strength of this cheating team was not worse than that shown by himself and others, and it was even possible to exceed it.
As expected, the boa constrictor is not a monster beast, but a truly successful demon race. If he didn’t wake up and Lin Zhao didn’t resist this sneak attack alone, at least two or three of them would die.
However, the first wave of sneak attack on the defender bogey is not so worried, so he will be closely adorned with the escaped black dress person who has to slay it, but the remaining people have not failed to live up to the expectations of the guard bogey, especially when Yan Yan strikes back sharply and is really ashamed of his fake brother Dan’s title.
However, the python demon attacked Weiji. Although this team was suspected of recklessness, it was also carefully considered. One of its considerations was that the python demon firmly believed that it had a large blood river array. Even if it could not be annihilated, it would be absolutely no problem to slay several rear bodies and retreat.
It is precisely because of this that the python demon is still not worried after feeling the horror of the 10-day extinction ban.
The blood eye flag is really worthy of its name. When the blood river array did not move, it introduced the people’s spiritual consciousness into the blood river dreamland. However, these elite brothers of the five elements are naturally not so good at dealing with their own spiritual practice, so they are not weak. Therefore, they are all sure that they have not moved in the same place. It is impossible to fall into the external dreamland. As a result, one of them is that their senses, including spiritual induction, are confused.
Although this kind of solution directed at the fascinated god is terrible, it is not too much trouble to break it for the monks who are not fascinated by the real situation. After all, they are still fascinated in their own minds and all their fantasies are just imagined by themselves.
Therefore, one by one, after they feel that they are in a dreamland, they will cast their own magic spells of awakening, refreshing and calming their spirits to isolate all external induction and forcibly break the dreamland. This isolation is very dangerous. Once their self-defense shields and implements are breached, they will have no resistance to being attacked and killed.
However, they are very convinced that the 10-day extinction ban method put into practice by Elham is not so good to break this short isolation and there will be no real danger, so just for a moment Elham and others will recover from the blood-eye ecstasy.
And after recovery, my heart has already been protected. Naturally, I won’t let myself be easily recruited. Everyone naturally launched a spiritual coercion to cover it around him to resist the erosion of this fascinating light.
However, although Yan Yan and others will never be confused by this kind of fascination and fall into the dreamland of blood river again, just for such a short moment, the speed of promoting the 10-day extinction ban law is slow, but it also gives the python demon a key to decorate its own law.
Just for a moment, when Chen Yan and others woke up and prepared to continue to exert their attacks, they found that there was a strong lotus flower in the blood eyes, which was invested in the center of the nimbus around them and dragged the nimbus to move towards the center and gradually merged together.
This person’s knowledge is naturally the most insightful moment for Chen Yan. At that time, Chen Yan roared, "Attack those blood wheels as quickly as possible and don’t let them merge together, or we will be passive when the blood river array is together!"
It’s not that Ulrich himself doesn’t want to attack, but he’s presiding over the ten-day extinction ban to push the roots away, and the rest of the people haven’t prepared a large-scale ban because they didn’t react as quickly as Ulrich, so they released their personal implements immediately.
Muwangcha, Lei Yin Shenmu Sword, Ice Crystal Rainbow Chain, Xuan Bing Ruler, Aurora Ball.
A total of more than ten pieces of horoscopes and jewels are blooming with dazzling brilliance. Through the 10-day extinction ban law, a barrier is formed and it bombards the past toward the blood wheel that is about to converge and condense.
"Boom, boom, boom"
The power of these instruments is also quite extraordinary. With a violent and extremely loud bang, the blood wheels are also beaten by those sword lights and treasure lights, so that not only the blood wheels originally converge toward the center, but also the trend has eased. It seems that there is a tendency to re-disperse and retreat, and even the blood wheels are somewhat swaying. It seems that there is a collapse.
Seeing that this method is effective, you and others admire Chen Yan’s high vision in their hearts and make moves at the same time. Naturally, they spare no effort to pour their own body mana into the dharma tactic one by one, and bless them in the multiplier towards those blood wheels.
At this moment, they seem to have found something about the wartime meaning of the dragon head python. Although there is still a certain gap between the python demon and the dragon head python repair, his wisdom and possession of the multiplier are enough to make up for this part.
After all, compared with the demon race, everyone is more willing to have their opponent who is not so stupid.
Monty python demon also didn’t expect that these younger brothers, who have been living in a comfortable environment and receiving strong protection from their elders, should have such a firm mind and reflective ability, but this change is nothing for him who has been through war and weather.
In the face of all the people’s crazy and fierce attacks on the blood wheel, a sneer at the face of the python demon, and the last long black banner in his hand was held high, and the demon force surged in like a long river.
Python demon this set of blood river array is not the same as ordinary blood river array, and he joined the core of the monty Yin fire control array in his hand, which made the blood river array’s ability of formation, defense, attack and other aspects improved.
Monty Yin fire complications immediately complications of a song, all around, arm fiend phase on the strong than Guanghua became very fresh, that is facing the outside world giant mouth a shock at that time long roar handed it out, and then the fiend phase a vertical jump and jumped out of it.
This manifesting fiend is full of Zhang Xu’s height. It looks very powerful. It can be seen that the tactic of qi qi’s development method is directed at the blood wheel. At once, those originally slow-moving blood wheels move towards the center at a high speed again, while at the same time, four giant mouths in all directions are qi qi, and four blazing white monty yin fires are jetted out from it and burned towards those instruments that bombard the blood wheel.
Monty Yin Fire is the most powerful flame among all kinds of strange flames in the magic way, especially when he still has a certain ability to attack mentally. Even if some instruments are made of special materials and will not be burned for a while, if they are broken by Monty Yin Fire, he can easily erase the original owner of the instrument and make it become a master instrument again.
To deal with monty’s yin fire, either the spell or the weapon is blessed with the corresponding restraint spell, or nine times out of ten, you will suffer.
Seven people, such as you and others, flew out of more than ten pieces of instruments, and quite a few of them were horoscopes, and they were still ice-cold. Although the water of horoscopes could catch fire, it could also burn mountains and cook the sea when the fire was big, so the mighty monty started the fire and rolled in. In an instant, they wiped out these pieces of instruments’ protective cold light, and then erased the brand of the spirit in them, making them the main objects.
When everyone saw this, even though they knew that the remaining artifacts were all high-quality goods, it would take some time for them to erode cleanly, but they could still tie their hands and have simply withdrawn their artifacts to prepare for a new spell attack.
As a result, the suppression of the blood wheel by the original people was immediately disintegrated. At this time, the python demon was proud and extremely long, and the people did not wait for the spells in their hands to use the blood wheel, and then they completely overlapped together and merged after a ripple.
When the blood wheel was fused, the center of the blood wheel violently oscillated, and soon it turned into a huge hole, which was dark and extended as far as possible.
At that moment, when the cave came to a standstill, everyone saw the thick ratio and almost marginal blood color "boom-".There was a loud noise and blood poured down the tunnel, and it rushed out in just a moment like the collapse of the Milky Way, just like the surging ratio of rivers and seas.
As soon as the blood rushed out, the huge fiend pushed the blood eye flag hand in hand to guide them to turn into a huge sphere and wrap them all up.
These blood waters are not only blood waters, but also a number of ghosts floating and sinking in them. At first glance, these ghosts are different from ordinary humans and monster beasts, but if you look closely, you will find that they have some different characteristics more or less, and these characteristics are all races in the underworld.
There is no doubt that this is the real river of blood in the underworld. Because of the river of blood in the underworld, the river has its own ability to imprison the soul. Only the race in the underworld likes to sink the enemy’s soul into the river of blood in the underworld, suffering forever and not living beyond life.
At the moment when the giant blood cells were formed, the 10-day extinction ban method was finally ready. At this moment, the 10-day extinction ban method was finally prepared. At this moment, the 10-day extinction ban method was not allowed to be delayed immediately, because he was very white and soared in the blood river. It won’t be long before he was destroyed.
After a shocking explosion, ten suns and several golden lights disappeared, leaving behind a brilliant golden light. These golden lights bombarded the huge blood cells like a tidal wave, and layers of blood and rivers were evaporated, even the ghosts and spirits in the river were no exception.
The Ten-Day Extinction of the World Prohibition Law is indeed very powerful. There are too many rivers with blood, and the blood river gate keeps delivering the blood river. After all, the golden light is annihilated by the blood river. The original loss of the blood river has not only been replenished, but even the original site of Chen Yan and others has been spread by the blood river. If they hadn’t retreated quickly when the Ten-Day Extinction of the World Prohibition Law was on display, they were afraid that they would really be banned by the blood river array.
And if they fall into battle, they will definitely be divided by the python demon into a single monk, even if it is impossible to deal with a large array in such a false Dan realm as his doing, then there will be no suspense for them to have a few people.
However, if they don’t fall into the law, they will always be outside the law. The United manpower has a fight with the python demon. After all, this blood river gate can temporarily move the python demon. After all, there is a limit to the blood river.
Chapter Erqi Strange array shift
Chapter Erqi Strange array shift
The array is powerful because it borrows a part of the force of heaven and earth, but at the same time it is bound by this force of heaven and earth, so that it can show that its greater power has no influence on people from this range
If you want to pursue people who are out of the range of the law, you can move, but once you move this position, it will break this part of the heaven and earth force, so you can’t do it again under the guise, and without this heaven and earth force, the law will have no such powerful ability.