A beautiful woman in sexy clothes appeared in front of people, as thin as a cicada and white as a moon, and the veil was used to cover up the graceful figure of the woman, especially the pair of * *, which was breathtaking.

The slender white legs and triangular pants make people’s blood spurt. It turns out that there is a simple dress inside. The image of this woman is so attractive.
Everyone has forgotten the dust when they are addicted, showing a dignified look. This beautiful and sexy woman is trying to destroy the world! !
Yes, she is the moon god! !
"Lying in the trough" wipes the saliva at the corner of your mouth. Don’t ask for it. You can say that you have a reaction. This way, women’s roots have been predicted to take shape, especially the golden ratio. The rounded and upturned buttocks make people feel the urge to pinch and touch.
In that round Hao * milk, people want to dive in and enjoy a swim.
"Dangerous breath" is more dignified than the wretched appearance of this cargo, because it is here that he feels the crisis signal from this woman.
"Who is this beautiful?" Even the falling snow is full of praise for its beauty and figure, which shows that its charm is greater than that of a road trip, and it is a fierce pupil contraction. "I have seen this woman painted on a stone wall! !”
"Luna" forgot the dust and coldly revealed the identity of a woman.
Everyone is stunned by Luna? A living god actually appeared in front of people?
How is that possible?
The gods are asleep, and the ancient myths are long gone. Even the Creator left his treasure and disappeared into this world. Now, a month later, the God is really in front of them?
The young woman suspended in the middle school can’t believe that she will be the evil god who destroys the world even if she forgets the dust.
At this moment, the tears of the broken moon god have been condensed together, and the moon god has slowly opened his eyes. It is a pair of strange eyes and a crescent shape. When she opened her eyes, heaven and earth seemed to cater to another purple light that shot through the sky and shone on her body.
Luna’s consciousness gradually wakes up, her nose lightly smells sweet sounds, but she is indifferent. The enchanting purple lips slowly open her mouth to "human breath."
"The most base level creatures are all destroyed! !”
Hands on both sides of the moon’s tears, mouth chanting words that human beings can’t understand, they are immersed in his beauty, and a terrible purple aurora shocks out. However, this is not the soft feeling before. This purple mountain seems to be a fatal impact! !
Recently, players seem to be swallowed up by some powerful substance when they touch this purple light, and the severe pain makes them scream.
People finally reacted and fled in a panic, but the powerful force of Luna attacked almost the whole cave and no one could avoid it.
"Spell level power? It’s over! ! !”
"Little master go! !” The old man who lost the game rushed in front of Bai Shaoyun at the key, but how could Bai Shaoyun let his own people die when the purple mountain destroyed everything? !
At the same time
On the eve of the spell-level power attack, he forgot to dust and slowly closed his eyes. He released a huge circle and then slowly compressed and recycled it, including him surrounded by several people.
Kiyomi eyes forgotten dust murmured "circle".
"After the circle is condensed!"
A layer of silvery white flame surrounded them, and a huge impact washed away from this circular defense, but it was far from enough to forget the dust and take a deep breath. "If you want more advanced defense, you must combine all the forces."
"Then the potential of life broke out!" As the dust is forgotten, the defense becomes more and more terrible. Just when the purple aurora hits, forget the dust and drink it.
"steel! !”
The whole cave was suddenly surrounded by purple light, and the scene was like a nuclear explosion.
The power comparable to the nuclear explosion spell will never be forgotten by players who have witnessed all this, because they have never seen the so-called real power like today. The explosion spread in the center of the desert of death, and an ancient and famous city was destroyed in an instant.
Skeleton eyes disappeared from this map.
After the explosion, the desert was full of smoke, and the dust was messy like a tornado. The sky was full of rubble and bodies were counted. This huge explosion made the distant desert city shake violently. People looked into the distance from the tower and saw that a little black smoke in the desert gradually diffused and formed a huge dark cloud.
"What happened?"
Still going to the desert gradually, after the players stopped, they witnessed the smoke formed by the explosion in the distance, and then a light slowly rose, which was a bright purple mountain
And in that bright purple mountain, a woman with sexy figure and absolutely beautiful strength is comparable to the devil, and her facial expression has risen to the highest level.
She looked down at the original face of Fang Yan with a condescending attitude, but suddenly revealed a trace of doubt and anger. "Is there still a living human being in the shock of the body and the moon?"
Say that finish face a forehead unexpectedly exposed the veins stood out "unforgivable! !”
Chapter two hundred and sixty God’s first world war
This world! !
Even though they disappeared into the world, all kinds of news from God still flowed out to the ears of the world. God’s power was the strongest and exhausted. God once created the world, and God controlled the order of heaven and earth.
It is a great insult to God if the inferior creatures are still alive after being destroyed by God.
Strong black smoke permeates the whole desert of death, which may be the biggest damage suffered by the desert of death in recent years. The terrorist explosion wave swept through the whole city, and the yellow sand flooded some corners of the city like huge waves.
"What happened?"
Straight into the distance, I saw gorgeous purple halos, which seemed like a rainbow in the sky, but there was purple. Everyone stopped exploring the desert at the moment of the big bang, and they stopped and looked down at the rising purple light.
I vaguely saw a figure surrounded by purple light.
"Still alive?"
There will always be a few lucky guys alive in a huge impact, even they are puzzled, but the joy of the rest of their lives makes them laugh.
However, in a second, their laughter froze together, and when they wanted to recover, they found that they could not do it, because their heads were instantly shot into a honeycomb by purple light arrows
Yes, this is death.