Han Chen’s heavy panting eyebrows are also constantly dripping with cold sweat. Obviously, Han Chen can’t stand wandering in such a hot energy body.

In the face of such a situation, Han Chen is also quite anxious in his heart, but he knows that it is already a key moment and there must be no mistakes.
However, at this time, Han Chen’s mind was suddenly reminded of a scream at the mysterious place of knowing the sea. Immediately, Han Chen felt that a small flame at the place of knowing the sea kept spinning, and in the end, it formed a flame whirlwind.
With the appearance of this flame whirlwind, a suction force of the earth suddenly appeared from the sea of knowledge, and an instantaneous suction force appeared. The energy of the thick earth fire attribute of Han Chen’s body was constantly rushing down the meridians of Han Chen’s body towards the sea of knowledge in his mind.
Feel the body pressure suddenly a lot smaller Han Chen is also a sigh of relief, and soon it is also the opportunity to run the vitality of the abdomen abdomen. Han Chen traction is also thrown at Han Chen’s heart as if he didn’t want money.
A puff of gas
Han Chen a slight joy in my heart was also crazy again.
And Han Chen so energetic crazy instill Han Chen also feel a strange change is taking place in a certain part of his heart at this time.
Han Chen perception at this time his heart out of a tiny diamond spar is a very slow speed.
Bone ridge? Han Chen’s heart suddenly became ecstatic because of the appearance of this bone ridge, which also marks that Han Chen has entered a heavy realm of hardened bone.
With this joy, Han Chen is going to continue to condense and form this bone ridge.
Hoo …
Slowly output a sigh of relief Han Chen is once again put his mind into the heart bone edge.
According to common sense, the bone ridge at the heart of a hardened bone should be the size of a thumb, but by now the bone ridge in Han Chen’s heart is less than ten times the size of a thumb, which makes Han Chen feel quite depressed.
But depressed Han Chen is forced to continue to expand the bone ridge.
Hum …
Just then, a bunch of purple flames in Han Chen’s knowledge sea are emitting a very strong breath.
The fire is much thicker than before? Han Chen’s heart is slightly happy, and a hanging heart is also released. Just now, he was also worried that the fire could not be completely suppressed. Therefore, he separated some minds to observe the changes in the sea, and now he is worried about the disappearance of Han Chen. It is also safe to feel at ease and concise this bone ridge.
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I found that Han Chen was completely at ease to concise the bone ridge in the heart after the transformation of the purple deep and remote Shenhuo fire in the sea. Of course, after abandoning these concerns, things were also relaxed. I spent the night in Han Chen’s concise bone ridge.
Hoo …
With a sigh of relief, Han Chen’s face, mixed with lavender turbidity, is also instantly filled with a flush. After feeling the body’s doubled strength, his face is also filled with a faint smile.
"This kind of feeling is really wonderful. I think I can beat the words of Leiqing head-on now." Han Chen smiled and said that he couldn’t hide his excitement.
"Ha ha, little guy, it seems that you have changed a lot this night." Ling Lao did not know when Han Chen appeared beside him, and he was looking at the latter with a smile.
"Thanks to the teacher, your old man’s fire panacea. Although that thing tortured me to death last night, I have made great progress. This should also prove the old saying that everyone suffers from bitterness." I took my head and Han Chen got up from bed and moved a little stiff.
"Yes, according to your situation, even in the face of the triple strength of the general hardening realm, there is a fighting force. Of course, it is not your opponent to match your little fox tactics." Ha ha a smile, Ling Lao said approvingly, but then the temper turned sly and looked at Han Chen indifferently. "But if you are realistic enough to fight your little girlfriend, there will be a word defeat."
Han Chen, who looks like a blow to Ling Lao, is also irrefutable. Then he gently nodded and smiled and gradually converged and said, "That girl of Ziling is really mysterious. It seems that I have never seen her really make moves, but after this period, the cultivation of that Ni is almost higher now."
"Well, the little guy can’t eat hot tofu. Take your time. The little girl’s background is mysterious, but it’s beyond the reach of this little Korean family. But you don’t have to worry if I take you to practice with a teacher." Ling Lao mercilessly hit Han Chen.
"I know this, teacher. You don’t have to say it deliberately. I will practice it well." Han Chen shrugged and said nothing.
But at this time Han Chen seems to be thinking about something. He pondered for a moment and his face was flushed with a smile. "Didn’t you say that you wanted me to be promoted to the realm of hardened bones …"
Hearing Han Chen’s words, Ling Lao shook his head and flashed a bit inscrutable.
"I know what you mean, you little fellow, but I don’t seem to have broken my word to you for so long, do I?" To turn over their ling old said dryly.
Listening to Ling Lao’s words, Han Chen was also embarrassed to nod and immediately said in a low voice, "I am not afraid that your old man will forget?"
"Alas, I sometimes have a little language for you this little guy, but if you don’t wake up, I really forgot." Ling Lao jokingly said that soon the mind moved. In the Kirin Ring, a strange purple light flashed, and the purple light disappeared in Ling Lao’s hands. Han Chen saw a fist-sized illusory monster form appear in Ling Lao’s hands.
"This is?" Feel the unreal monster body burst into life breath of the earth Han Chen heart is one leng immediately slightly stunned looking at that face smiling ling old.
"Didn’t you say you need a beast soul? Isn’t this? " Smile ling always reaches out and the unreal monster is suspended in the middle.
"Is this the animal soul?" Han Chen thoughtfully for a moment, and then his eyes flashed and he could see that he was also interested in this magical beast soul.
"Well, this was when I found a cave of Warcraft in a mysterious place, but I didn’t hatch the egg of Warcraft for more than 30 years. In the end, there was nothing I could do, so I used the secret method to take out the soul of the Chinese beast and seal it for thousands of years." Ling Lao said slowly and recalled that past.