Can’t get through …
After the phoenix egg suddenly brightened, it didn’t darken again. Its firepower was ten times stronger? !
Just want to recruit the phoenix egg, but it has changed. There seems to be something moving inside! The fiery red eggshell of the Phoenix Egg is actually a little bit transparent!
At the same time, there is a trace of j and jīng pure energy in the flames of buildings and furniture, which is set aside towards the phoenix!
Phoenix egg greedily absorbs the pure fire energy of j and jīng, and the more it absorbs, the stronger its suction is, and the wider its influence is!
At first, the fire energy was in the range of tens of feet, and soon it expanded to more than ten feet and then dozens of feet!
Bai Gong knows very well that the situation in the Nine Ri Palace is in such a sea of fire at the moment, especially that many flames are released by burning spiritual wood and fairy materials, which should be enough to make this fire phoenix reborn!
There is no fourth-order fairy beast in the celestial realm. If Hyun Yang Zong regains the palm of his hand, it will be as high as the seventh-order fire phoenix. When Ri Mi celestial realm becomes their five giants, Hyun Yang Zong Tian will have to pull over! ! !
Bai Gong’s eyes were red, but this time he was not so angry that he wanted to eat people, but jealous when he sat in Baoshan!
The day war continued, but Bai Gong looked at the phoenix egg unblinkingly as if he had completely forgotten what was going on outside.
Being in the phoenix egg square, Gao Xiao asked and Nan Yunqing gradually saw the problem. Their flame has changed qualitatively, but it is still full of heat, but there is no spirit … This way, the fire can be put out by a casual water avatar monk, and the scope of the fire is still expanding rapidly. The question is, where are those spirits in the fire?
It must be the phoenix egg problem!
At this time, Xiao asked if he didn’t know Nan Yunqing again, which means he was silly. Nan Yunqing wanted him to accept this nirvana reborn phoenix, but the flame in that range was absorbed by the phoenix egg, and there was no aura. How fierce the fairy beast was? Does he have that ability?
Up to now, he didn’t practice the animal way at all. It was too sudden to prepare for this …
At this time, he also remembered that there was a white male in the face. Not only that, but because the four Fengming were so conspicuous, even those dazzling immortals had been disheartened and had consciously flown here.
Xiao Wen had to let the hissing wind move, and then as more and more people came over, they had to hide farther and farther away from the phoenix egg.
Now Ming Jianzong has an absolute advantage in this battle, but it’s not so easy to kill all the immortals of Hyun Yang Zong. Just one fairy can drive away the hissing wind and Xiao Wen …
Xiao Wen soon flew to the northeast of Jiu Ri Palace, stopped there at a distance and looked at the battlefield. Finally, no one came to see them. The speed of hissing wind was unusual, and it really didn’t have any effect to chase them.
Phoenix egg in the sea of fire has been smoking fire, and I don’t know when it will end. After observing for a moment, Xiao Wen turned to look elsewhere.
Hyun Yang Zong’s army pressed against Ming Jianzong’s home and nearly sneaked into it, knowing that there were not too many people. However, Hyun Yang Zong fled in panic afterwards, and Ming Jianzong’s crazy pursuit was not low-key at all, almost crossing the core circle of celestial beings and alarming the whole core circle.
Some people came directly after seeing two half-way fights, and some monks came in a hurry after hearing the news.
But at this moment, there are not only dazzling Yang Zong and Ming Jian Zong in the sky, but there are many outsiders, but those people have stopped in the extreme distance and never dare to participate.
Xiao asked, looking at it from a distance, you can still see groups of people whose clothes are quite uniform, which should come from large, medium and small clans.
Nan Yunqing had already noticed that those people saw Xiao Wen observing the sidewalk at this time. "Anyone who can come early is closer to Xuanyang Sect. They should not give Xuanyang Sect the idea of helping out, but they didn’t dare to make a hasty move when they saw that the situation was obviously dominated by Ming Jianzong."
"Why there is a wave of people left … is it …"
Nan Yunqing nods, "Hyun Yang Zong’s obvious defeat will offend Ming Jianzong, and if he doesn’t make moves, he will be hated by Hyun Yang Zong. They quietly retreat and pretend that they have never offended two houses in the future."
"The tree fell apart … but it was Hyun Yang Zong who asked for it!" Xiao asked sink a way
"Look at the situation, Ming Jianzong leveled Xuanyang Zong, and this revenge can be described as thorough."
"Almost being razed is our sword Sect." Xiao asked some tunnel to be scared, and then his tone became more sincere. "Thanks to Nan girl for helping us design the large array."
"At that time, the patriarch said that I was prepared for danger. I didn’t expect that I would sit in a large array so quickly, otherwise I would definitely speed up the progress." Nan Yunqing probably saw more of this level of war and calm tunnel.
Then it seems that it is good to wait for the sword-singing immortals to destroy all the dazzling immortals. Naturally, we have to observe the changes of the phoenix egg in the sea of fire
The inferno in Fiona Fang is well known. Even if the phoenix egg can, it will not absorb all the aura in those flames for a while.
As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer people on the main battlefield, but more and more people are watching the war in the distance.
Those neutral people are sighing that the vast foundation of Xuanyang Sect will be destroyed once, and that Xuanyang Sect is called self-abuse. This Sect is not less bad than bullying in the northwest of the celestial world! Others who are waiting to see Ming Jianzong spare no effort to praise Ming Jianzong’s failure to report the facts on the same day is too painful! What a pleasure!
However, these people have focused on the present and have not analyzed this matter from the perspective of the big pattern of the celestial world, and they have not considered that in the future, there will be 27 cases of "long-term stability" in the celestial world. What kind of long-term stability is this?
The real person in charge didn’t arrive late until then!
I can’t blame them for the fact that the news can reach the level of celestial beings by people or magical powers. It is obviously not possible to complete the same news to the five giants in a blink of an eye, and I don’t know why the five giants didn’t come alone, but joined together first and then came!
Guanghua in the northeast sky is getting brighter and brighter, and the scope is very wide, even in broad daylight.
More and more people look over there and see five waves of people coming here at full speed!
"Amitabha! Two Taoist friends, Xuanyangzong and Mingjianzong, please stop quickly! "
An old and bright sound came from the front of the crowd over there and clearly entered everyone’s ear.
Xiao Wen has already noticed that those people know that they must be the five giants when they hear the "Amitabha" at this time, but what are they doing here?
"What are they doing here at this time?" Xiao asked nu way
"Back to the array will soon know" Nan Yunqing calm way.
That’s the five giants, and the mouth is still the first temple of the five giants. Even if the swordsmen don’t want to stop, they have to stop. It can be seen that few people want the five giants to come at this time.
It wasn’t until we flew to the crowd that we could see that there were forty or fifty people in the five giants. These forty or fifty people were all well-connected and had a strong momentum!
That seems to be saying that these people are more than enough to deal with two wars and the Big Five.
However, the fact is that the Big Five sain mumtaz was also shocked …
Looking at the nine Ri Palace and the sculpture on the ground in front of the nine Ri Palace, which is pitifully dazzling in the sky, they also stood on the spot for a while.
"I Buddha compassion …"
The old monk at the head of the temple declared the Buddha’s name and then closed his eyes, but soon he opened his eyes and had something to say.