"Did I lie to you?" Yuanyuan glared at the man who arrested her. "I told you that my husband was a soldier, but you just didn’t believe me. I was scared to death when I was put here as a prisoner."

"It’s okay." Feng doesn’t want to be with her, but if he doesn’t recognize her, this woman will probably collapse even more.
"How all right I put those who don’t know what car I I I’m dead, I fled to the forest and was caught by these people do you know how scared I am? I-I’ll never see you again? I am going to die here? " Yuanyuan’s body is still shaking. Of course she collapsed when she saw him.
"Chief, I’m sorry, she is." The guards were also frightened and came out to apologize.
"Nothing with you" and the situation theory will be handled like this.
Fortunately, the chief is still in charge, and his wife is frightened, and now she is out of control. Look at me, I don’t think you know what to do at the moment.
The wind is even more embarrassing. At the moment, he has no image of anything. Yuanyuan lies on his body, tears and snot keep rubbing against him.
"You go out first, I’ll do it here." The wind said to the Ministry.
"yes, chief", the men have already gone out.
"Why are you here?" The wind patted her back, but she kept crying. He didn’t know what to do.
"Do you still care about me?" Yuanyuan looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "As soon as she disappeared, we didn’t meet for a year before we got married, and you ran away without even saying a few words. Do you know that I miss you and worry about you?"
He sighed again for a moment, which was even more regrettable.
"I’m sorry Luca brasi son I can’t, you know? I can’t "wind kiss her forehead", but I’ll be fine soon. Don’t cry, okay? Tell me why you are here? "
Yuanyuan said something about her foundation project. Of course, she wouldn’t say what she was doing here, and she wouldn’t say a word about those people who were killed by them.
Yuanyuan knows it’s confidential and doesn’t ask.
"Be careful, don’t you know?" The wind felt sorry for her hardship, and people brought a medical kit in to treat her wounds. "You shouldn’t be a girl. It’s dangerous to come to such a strange mountainous area."
"I also want to do something meaningful." Yuanyuan recovered and touched his face at the moment. "Why are you black and thin again?"
"How can I be thin?" The wind took care of her wound. "I’ll take you back for a while. I have to go, too."
Yuanyuan, tears are coming as soon as she hears this. They just met and didn’t even make out properly. He’s leaving, and now she’s wondering if this man has her in his heart! We just met and said we were leaving without saying a word.
"I can go home next month." Feng knows what she thinks. He doesn’t even dare to kiss her for fear that he will lose control.
She said she missed him, didn’t he? He misses her very much, but he still has a moment to lose.
"Really" She can’t believe he can go home?
"It’s almost time here. I’ll have a holiday and go home in a month." Feng has things to deal with. It’s impossible to say more to her. "I’ll take you back to rest. It’s Ann here tonight."
"Well," Yuanyuan thought he had to nod.
The wind himself sent her back, but he didn’t send her to the village. Less than ten meters in front of the village is where they sleep, and he will be safe here.
"Have a good sleep and don’t harm staying here for too long." The wind still doesn’t trust him.
"Good" Yuanyuan was obedient and grabbed his skirt and didn’t want to let him go.
"I have to go, Luca brasi." The wind pulled her hand.
"Will you kiss me again and again?" She pleaded a little.
Of course he wanted to, but he was afraid that he wouldn’t let her go as soon as he kissed her. When he saw her pitiful and wronged eyes, he leaned over and kissed her with a soft heart, but he didn’t dare to kiss her deeply. After a while, he forced himself to leave and said, "I’ll go first."
She nodded, but when he turned around and didn’t walk a few steps, she didn’t run over and hugged him from behind him. He said sullenly at his vest, "I’ll wait for you to come back."