Zhou Liyuan has never been to Tian Jiacun. I don’t know the situation in Tian Jiacun. I heard Tian Tang say that she wants to take people away, and she wants to find someone to work.

"No," Tian Tang shook his head. "Everyone comes with me, including the elderly and children."
The simple conversation between the two soon caught the attention of the people.
A strong man rushed in, "I can work, I have great strength."
Take the game of life to the ancient section 44.
It is this that all the people are crashing and moving.
"Me too, but I can also work."
"I don’t need money to work for you, as long as I can eat."
"Little girl, you want me!"
This scene is almost similar to the extreme.
This happened when Tsuda Tang went to the county seat to bring people back. I heard that everyone was eager to follow when they had a chance to eat enough.
Now that I think about it, it seems that the incident has passed for a long time.
During this period, those people had already completely integrated into Tian Jiacun’s life, and even Tian Tang Dou forgot the situation when he first met them.
This time, the same thing is found again. The biggest difference between the two times is that those people can return home. They are refugees and will try their best to have a place to stay.
This time, these people, they are not refugees, and even if they get worse in town, they are also residents of the town who are experiencing a bumper harvest.
Tian Tang took a step back, but the people’s footsteps also crowded towards her.
Everyone seems to be afraid of being left behind, and no one wants to take a step back.
"Don’t squeeze back!" Someone went to Tian Tang and stopped the crazy people.
Tian Tang looked at him, and she remembered that this man was a former bandit. After being wiped out, he expressed many thoughts. It seems that the man was called Lin Chengfu.
Lin Chengfu’s reprimand is much more effective than concession. The people dare not make a move again. They are watching Tian Tang eagerly.
Zhou Liyuan couldn’t stand frowning. "Do you want everyone to starve to death here?"
After he finished, most people bowed their heads, but a few people didn’t bite the bullet and talked to Zhou Liyuan. "Is it not good for us to show our strength?" Who else wants us? "
Zhou Liyuan’s eyes were cold in the past. "Everyone in this lane is hungry. I really don’t know why you are still so strong?"
Tian Tang looked at those people in a group of bony people. These people’s muscles were particularly conspicuous. It can be seen that they never ate less during this period. Such people, especially Cong, can either find ways to make money or be particularly arrogant and try to grab food and drink.
Tian Tang wishes they were the former.
She turned and climbed a big stone behind her and looked back at all the people. "I said I would take all of you, including the old and the children. I don’t like dealing with people who can’t even understand people."
Tian Tang’s words just fell and everyone lost their voice.
Tian Tang is not tall enough, even in the stone, she can barely look at everyone, but no one dares to look down on her at this time.
"Now you can go back and pack your things. After a wick, everyone can go outside the town if they want to go with me. If they don’t want to go, I won’t be forced." After that, Tian Tang didn’t look at them again, but jumped straight and walked to the other side.
After just two steps, I suddenly heard a timid voice, "I … my grandmother is sick, can I … go with her?"
There was a five-or six-year-old child whose clothes obviously didn’t fit, and he fell off his clothes and wrapped two pieces of cloth to tie them firmly around him.
Tian Tang turned to "I was about to trouble you."
Zhou Liyuan once again showed a surprised expression. "You can think about it clearly. I am afraid it is difficult to take care of these people together."
"I think it’s not just them, there are other people’s homes here, and they are being sent to the carriage in trouble." Tian Tang said seriously that Zhou Liyuan still had something to say. "I think it’s clear that if I take them away, they can still have a chance to live, so they can stay here and wait for them. I want to give them a chance to live."
Tian Tang is not a kind informant, but she can’t watch life disappear.
She thought it was clear that the situation in Tian Jiacun had changed greatly since the beginning. If the villagers in Tian Jiacun were not really paralyzed, they would always have a way to make money, even if they earned two or three pence a day, it would be better for them to have a full meal a day than to live here with their stomachs full of water.
Life is fragile in this era, and her appearance can make these fragile lives go longer, which is enough.
Zhou Liyuan looked at Tian Tang and suddenly surrendered.
Tian Tang stare blankly.
However, Zhou Liyuan didn’t speak, and directly called people to help those people in the lane who couldn’t even get out of the door for various reasons, and then carefully sent them to the carriage.
Lin Chengfu also helped him to do things together. He didn’t look at Zhou Liyuan "Uncle Zhou" until he helped the last person to the carriage.
Zhou Liyuan’s eyes rested on the carriage. "Chengfu, I am old, but Fengmu is still young. Fengmu still needs your care. Maybe you were right before. Tian Tang is different from us."
It’s too late to get married and have children later in the week. Now Zhou Fengmu is only thirteen, but he is already forty-six. What he is most worried about in his life is what Zhou Fengmu will do when he is old.
Lin Chengfu sees him as "Uncle Zhou"
"Go to Tian Jiacun with you." Zhou Liyuan patted Li Chengfu on the shoulder. "Your parents are both in Tian Jiacun. You can take good care of your parents in the past."
"But Zhou Shu …"
"All right, I know what you’re going to say. I can’t go to Tian Jiacun. I won’t go to Tian Jiacun for a while." Zhou Liyuan shook her head. "After you go, help me take care of my family. Although Tian Tang is young, she is smarter than you and me. You can play your role better with her."
Lin Chengfu knew that he couldn’t say that Zhou Liyuan could nod and promise, "Well, I’ll go to Tian Jiacun first and see if everything is all right in Tian Jiacun and I’ll come back to help Zhou Shu."
Zhou Liyuan smiled and nodded "good"
When the carriage set off for Tian Jiacun, Tian Tang sat in the carriage and opened the curtain to see Lin Chengfu walking outside. "Do you want to find out what Tian Jiacun is?"
Lin Chengfu was surprised and hurriedly said, "I want to go to Tian Jiacun to see my parents, and Uncle Zhou is also worried that my family will let me go with me to see if Tian Jiacun has nothing to do."
Tian Tang smiled at the window. "I bet you that if you go to Tian Jiacun and want to go back to Fengshou Town, even if I lose, I will send your parents a wooden house, but if you go to Tian Jiacun, you won’t go back to Fengshou Town. Even if you lose, you have to work for me for three years."
Lin Chengfu frowned and turned to look at Tian Tang. "I think you are very strange."
"How do you say?" Tian Tang still smiles.
Lin Chengfu still frowned and shook his head after thinking for a long time. "I can’t think of it. Anyway, you are very strange, more strange than many people I have ever met."
Tian Tang’s heart said, "That’s why I want you to work for me. You know there are not many smart people these days. You can barely be called smart people. You can think about my proposal. It’s not too late to give me an answer when you get to Tian Jiacun."
There are still not enough people. If you want to have a good person these days, you have to cultivate it yourself. I don’t know when those students will graduate from kindergarten.
Soon after, this group of people followed the carriage into the area where Tian Jiacun was located. After a long time, there was no movement, and the village finally lit up again.
[Congratulations to the player on the completion of the third-level village [villager 3(3/3) wooden house 1(1/1) school (/) textile workshop 1(1/1)] into a third-level village reward silver *5 drawings of two wells *1 drawings of bungalows *1 drawings of germinated soybeans [high yield ]*1]